Our names are Mike and Amy Smith and we recently had a stress free building experience with Butler Homes. On a previous custom home we built, we had little say-so throughout the process. Our adventure with Butler Homes could not have been better. It was a true custom building experience where all prices and installation were transparent.  Mike and Lauren took the time to give us what we truly wanted and "no" was not in their vocabulary. Their communication during the process was first class. The only advice I can give to potential home builders is to hire Butler Homes and never look back...it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

Amy and Mike Smith, Home Owners

"Miss Janice and I are tremendously pleased with our new home. Building someone else's dream can be daunting, but Butler Homes never waivered nor compromised on professionalism, direct builder/client communication, and true customer satisfaction. Michael Butler and his team is the only custom home builder I'd recommend."

David & Janice McKinnon , Home Owners

"We would like to thank Mike and Lauren at Butler Homes for a great custom home building experience.  From start to finish during the building process they were honest, transparent and displayed the highest level of integrity.  Butler Homes truly crafts a custom home and we are very happy with ours!"

Ben & Jessica Blair , Home Owners



The design is in the details, and we love the details. Taking note of the little things is what matters most.

The Foundation

You can't build a house on sand, and laying the groundwork is the key to every lasting build.

The Build

When we craft your home, we are there during every step of the process. It is your home, not just another house.

Final Details

Polish the appliances and make this thing shine! When it comes to the final touches, we leave nothing undone.