Craft Your Home



It's your home and it's personal.  


At Butler Homes we believe in the personal experience.  Each home is as unique and different as each of our buyers.  We don't believe in pre-selected floor plans and a one-size fits all build.  A custom home is built to fit the owner and that's what we strive to do. 

You won't find pre-selected and pre-determined finishes, floor plans or subdivisions when you decide to build with Butler Homes.  Crafting your home starts with you and ends with your vision brought to life. 

Call us today to begin your personal home building experience.   



The design is in the details, and we love the details. Taking note of the little things is what matters most.

The Foundation

You can't build a house on sand, and laying the groundwork is the key to every lasting build.

The Build

When we craft your home, we are there during every step of the process. It is your home, not just another house.

Final Details

Polish the appliances and make this thing shine! When it comes to the final touches, we leave nothing undone.