Butler Crafted

Anyone can build a house. But there's more to building a home than just bricks and mortar. Butler Homes, LLC is built upon a foundation that sets us apart…we are firm in our belief of creating a custom craft that is uniquely qualified through a highly developed, efficient and controlled process.  We are not an ordinary builder.  Through our dedication to integrity, trust and professionalism, our team has established a mission to prov...


The design is in the details, and we love the details. Taking note of the little things is what matters most.

The Foundation

You can't build a house on sand, and laying the groundwork is the key to every lasting build.

The Build

When we craft your home, we are there during every step of the process. It is your home, not just another house.

Final Details

Polish the appliances and make this thing shine! When it comes to the final touches, we leave nothing undone.